November 2013

Neal Boenzi


November 5-27 

Vintage Boenzi

Neal Boenzi / The New York Times
Black & White photographs from the box in the garage collection

Curated by: Mary Hardiman, Librado Romero, Joseph J Vecchione

 Opening Reception: Wednesday, November 6th, 6-9pm


The life of Neal Boenzi, one of the iconic photographers of our time is a story by itself. Born in South Brooklyn, he served in the

South Pacific with the Marines during World War II. This is just the beginning of a journey that leads him to be one of the most

recognized photographers of our time. 40 years he worked and documented people and events for The New York Times. Now

retired at age 85 he resides near Los Angeles. Vintage Boenzi is a retrospective solo show at Jadite Galleries. The body of work

brings the unforgettable moments of real life from celebrities -- Winston Churchill, Frank Sinatra, Beth Davis, to Marcel Marceau,

Jack Nicholson, Mayor Ed Koch, from historical moments and events to the enjoyable pictures of street kids.


November 5-27
Eleanor Gilpatrick


Opening Reception: Wednesday, November 6th, 6-9pm


Eleanor Gilpatrick's paintings are beautifully executed, sophisticated works of contemporary realism. An accomplished colorist, she has her own take on content and subject matter; above all, her intense energy shows through.

Despite commercial pressures, Gilpatrick refuses to make reproductions of her work, a policy greatly appreciated by her collectors. Here are works for the home, the office, or for display in other settings. Gilpatrick offers a varied portfolio of landscapes of the United States, Norway, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, and her home in New York City, as well as nebulae, still lifes, and portraits.

People concerned about the human face of war will want to see her "In The World" series, which contrasts images based on press photos of Iraq and Afghanistan with her own American scenes. 

Eleanor Gilpatrick
Left: Afternoon Beach
Right: Together