February 2014

Andre van der Kerkhoff

"Dog Tales"

Opening Reception: Tuesday February 4th, 6-8pm

Pryor Calloway


Opening Reception: Tuesday February 4th, 6-8pm

“I’m not a feminist,” says Pryor Callaway, which may come as a surprise to anyone whose first brush
with the visual artist’s work is “Genderful,” set to open at the Jadite Gallery in Midtown Manhattan
on February 4th. The evocative sculptures displayed in the gallery represent the influence of the strong
women in her adult life and a look back to her childhood in the Deep South and penchant for playing
with the boys. She remarks, “some people don't see race or color as a kid. I didn't see gender.”
Mannequins, which Callaway has transformed into provocative, challenging, sexual and courageous
sculptures, are the visual voices in the show. They represent her point of view that the task at hand
in our day and time isn’t about women breaking barriers but about any gender breaking through
preconceptions that do not allow authenticity and resonance. In this vein, the show encourages
an exploration of the feminine merging with the masculine through a transfiguration of genitalia to
personify braveness, freedom and identity.
Pryor Callaway, born and raised in Mississipi, has lived and worked as an artist in New York.
Her work has been shown at Art Basel Miami, Times Square, a solo show in Noho, Boffo Showhouse
in the Lower East Side, and WeiMit Gallery. Her work has been published in contemporary art books
and print and online magazines.
Jadite Galleries, established in 1985 contributes to the ever-changing contemporary
art scene in New York. Exhibitions cover the spectrum of art form created by a myriad
of talented artists from the United States, Europe, Latin America, and Asia.